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Purchase Price: $1,000.00

Rental Rates:

​First Week: $150.00

Second Week: $75.00

Third Week: $75.00

Fourth Week: Free

One Month Rental: $300.00

Voltaic Electrochemical Potentiometer Jr.

(2/3 scale version Of The Voltaic Electrochemical Potentiometer Jr.): Named after Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) Scientist and inverter of the electric pile or wet battery and in the style of Kenneth Strickfaden's (1896-1984) machines.

16" Wide X 33" High X 12" Deep 1/2" MDF cabinet holds, 2 — 5" Plasma Globes, 6 radio tube style chasing light bulbs, 1 ammeter, ceramic insulators, knife switches, knobs and dials